While we cannot control what a user experiences, through design we can lead them along a path and present to them what we want them to see.


A graduate of the Cooper Union, I was trained as a conceptual thinker. While a student, I was awarded a full scholarship to study graphic design & typography in Basel, Switzerland. I spent over a decade as a graphic designer/art director before my full transition into the emerging field of web design.

Photography and travel are two of my passions. The same principles I seek in a photograph carry through to my design. Simple compositions made interesting by texture or movement.

With nearly ten years of experience designing websites for small and medium size business, features and verticles within enterprise-level web applications as well as mobile apps, my skill set is both wide and deep.

Experienced at cross-functional work using "Agile" methodologies to link business requirements, complex technologies and user needs, I help catalyze lasting gains in team morale, efficiency, collaboration, and creativity. Empathizing with end-users to gain understanding of their needs in projects. An innovative and logical thinker, I create clean, intuitive graphic interfaces, have an exceptional work ethic and high-quality deliverables.

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Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge.

Winston Churchill


Sometimes a design comes easily, other times it comes only after an arduous process. But in all cases, the end result should seem effortless, as if the solution was obvious from the start.

You can observe a lot just by watching.

Yogi Berra


I can work with you at any or all stages of the User-Centered Design LIfe Cycle.

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.

Hans Hofmann


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